Project Description

Tamborine Mountain National Park is home to 10 different types of forests.
Magnificent waterfalls and spectacular views await.
Tropical rainforests have often been called the “Jewels Of The Earth”.
The canopy can typically reach up to heights of 30 meters.
There are many walking tracks to enjoy.
It is a great way to immerse your self in the local nature.
A true sanctuary and birdwatchers paradise.
Experience the wonders of the area, where the sub-tropical meets temperate.
You may be lucky enough to see the local wildlife such as the elusive platypus, echidna or red-necked wallaby.
Located all over the Mountain are a number of stunningly beautiful waterfalls, which are often the reason people return to visit again and again.
Deep in the heart of Tamborine Mountain, you will discover the breathtaking Curtis Falls, the only waterfall that can be viewed from the bottom of the falls.
This offers the picture-perfect postcard photo opportunity.

Gold Coast Holiday Experiences that visit Rainforests and Waterfalls: