Project Description

The site on Tamborine Mountain is a glow worm sanctuary. It is built to allow visitors to see glow worms during the daytime, without damaging delicate wild habitats. Visiting glow worms in the wild often causes damage to their colonies, so the cave was built to provide an alternative option. Tourists are offered a sustainable, eco-friendly tour experience.

During a tour, their biologists will lead you down through the rainforest boardwalk into the glow worm habitat. Here you get the chance to meet a glow-worm up close, and see their sticky strands and glowing bums! Because the site is not a natural area, glow worm sightings are guaranteed. Each visitor is given the chance to have a much closer interaction than is normally possible in the wild. Unlike most wild glow worms, their colony is visible during the daytime. It is accessible via a flat, concrete pathway that is accessible for both young and old.

Gold Coast Holiday Experiences that visit the Glow Worm Caves: